Cultural Diversity Workshop

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Class Size: Up to 15 participants

Course Description:

This half-day workshop is designed to address vital areas such as the importance of cultural awareness, cultural competence and diversity at the workplace, as well as interesting topics such as etiquette, communication, language and relationship building, with special reference to the Middle Eastern cultures.

If you or your organisation work with people from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds, our workshop will help guide you to improve communication, understanding and working relationships.

Participants will learn:

  • To reflect on their own understanding of culture.
  • How their own culture and traditions can affect the view of others, and how to avoid making assumptions.
  • To reflect on some of the nonverbal communication styles commonly encountered in their own and other cultures.
  • Common myths about Middle Eastern people and clarify some common mistakes in spelling and terminology.
  • The knowledge to plan for a successful meeting with recommendations for effective negotiation skills with people from the Middle East.

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