Who We Are

Photo: Al-Mushkah at University of Dundee Week of Entrepreneurship

Our Vision

Our goal is to become an internationally recognised social enterprise with multi-disciplinary expertise needed to empower ethnic minorities in the 21st Century.

Our Values

Al-Mushkah offers outstanding customer service to its clients, faith and culturally informed and sensitive service to its users with its expertise in understanding needs of ethnic minority groups and ability of providing bilingual support in several languages.

Our Objectives

Al-Mushkah’s activities always work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deliver high quality training programmes and consultancy services for public, private and third sector organisations.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and assist with building employability skills for ethnic minorities.
  • Promote integration and social inclusion of ethnic minorities in Scotland .
  • Build bridges between Muslim community and wider society through interactive activities and multicultural events.
Photo: Student raising his hand to ask a question